District Council Election

7th September 2017

Ouse Valley and Ringmer


Candidate Party Votes
Johnny DENIS Green Party  835 ELECTED
James GARDINER Liberal Democrats  457 3rd
Clare HERBERT Conservative Party  660 2nd
Phil HOWSON UK Independence Party  38 5th
Tim TELFORD Labour Party  167 4th





County Council Election

Ringmer & Lewes Bridge

4th May 2017

Candidate Party Votes
Tony Best



Belinda Chapman
Labour 412

Philip John Daniel



Johnny Denis Green 1,385
Paul Gander
Conservative 1,116


52.95% percent turned out to vote.



Referendum on the Ringmer Neighbourhood Plan

12th November 2015


For this referendum the ballot paper asked the question:


Do you want Lewes District Council and the South Downs National Park Authorityto use the

neighbourhood plan for Ringmer Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?


Total votes counted      1572      42% turnout   
Yes votes      1444      92%   
No votes   128    8%
Spoilt papers   0



UK Parliamentary Election


7th May 2015

Lewes Constituency Result


Candidate Party Votes
Norman John BAKER Liberal Democrats 18,123 2nd
Maria Colette CAULFIELD Conservative Party 19,206 ELECTED 1st
Ray FINCH UK Independence Party 5,427 3rd
Lloyd RUSSELL-MOYLE Labour Party 5,000 4th
Alfie STIRLING Green Party 2,784 5th



European Parliamentary Election 2014

Lewes Local Counting Area & South East England

Voting took place on 22nd May 2014. Results as follows:

The Lewes Local Counting Area


An Independence from Europe 404 6th
British National Party 115 11th
Christian Peoples Alliance 163 8th
Conservative Party 7201       2nd
English Democrats 169 7th
Green Party 3723 4th
Harmony Party 14 15th
Labour Party 3651 5th
Liberal Democrats 3824 3rd
Liberty Great Britain 51 12th
The Peace Party - Non-violence, Justice, Environment      136 9th
The Roman Party.AVE 38 13th
The Socialist Party of Great Britain 118 10th
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 9459 1st
YOURvoice 29 14th


South East England

Party Candidates Elected Votes
UKIP Nigel Farage, Janice Atkinson,
Diane James, Ray Finch
Conservative Daniel Hannan, Nirj Deva,
Richard Ashworth
Labour Anneliese Dodds 342,775
Green Keith Taylor 211,706
Liberal Democrat Catherine Bearder 187,876
An Independence from Europe   45,199
English Democrats   17,771
BNP   16,909
Christian Peoples   14,893
Peace   10,130
Socialist (GB)   5,454
Roman   2,997
YOURvoice   2,932
Liberty GB   2,494
Harmony   1,904




Police and Crime Commissioner Election



Voting took place on 15th November 2012. The following is a list of candidates, showing who was elected and who came second and their percentage of the poll:

Katy Bourne Conservative Elected 31.51%
Ian Chisnall Independent    
Godfrey Daniel Labour Second 21.54%
David Rogers Liberal Democrat    
Tony Armstrong UKIP    

Turnout was just over 15%