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Brighton, Lewes, Ringmer
On Saturday evenings buses go on to Uckfield from Ringmer
On Sundays buses go on to Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells from Ringmer 



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Lewes, Ringmer, Hailsham, Eastbourne


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There is a slight reduction in frequency between Lewes and Tunbridge Wells in the early evening on Mondays to Saturdays due to the withdrawal of funding from East Sussex County Council.  The evening frequency is improved to every half hour between Lewes and Brighton on Mondays to Saturdays.
Significantly improved service for Ringmer.  The Brighton-Uckfield “short” journeys on Mondays to Saturdays are diverted via Ringmer as service 29B to improve the service and provide a daytime link with Uckfield. 
Minor timing changes to some early morning journeys on Mondays to Fridays to improve reliability, and some minor timing changes between Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells on Saturday mornings.


Timetable changes will to come into force on 20th April. Operating commercially daytime and with peak hour buses under contract to ESCC. Monday to Friday frequency retained (proposed originally to be reduced to two days per week). Extra shopping journey from Hailsham to Lewes after 0900.





Last month’s newsletter reported on the price hike for Southern daysave tickets, which have gone up to £17.90 for one, with tickets for up to 4 adults now costing £35.80 if bought from the Southern web site.  (£2 for children) 
Travelman has now noticed that, after a brief period of flirting with the idea of allowing you to buy them at 3 days’ notice, you now have to buy the tickets 7 days in advance again. 
And Dave Atkinson reports that daysave tickets on the day bought from the tourist office are now £18.90 for one and £36.80 for up to four.





Just as it did last year, Southern has snuck in an increase in daysave prices, just after the other fares went up.  A daysave ticket bought on the Southern web site in advance now costs £17.90 for one and £35.80 for up to 4. Children are still £2 each.
I have not been able to check the prices at the tourist information centre. Here the prices are normally higher, but you can buy a ticket on the day.
A peak daysave now costs £38.
A weekly daysave is £93.



It’s always ominous when East Sussex County Council consults us about something. It’s a clear sign that they want to cut it or do away with it altogether.  So when they launch a consultation about how people use footpaths, bridleways and country parks and don’t say why they are doing it, then we need to be worried.
Travelman is concerned that the county is hoping that hardly anyone will reply and that this will give them an excuse to cut spending.  So he encourages you to fill in their survey, which you can find here  Deadline is 20th February.
Please reply if you use rights of way or country parks as a walker, cyclist or horse-rider.
They are also holding meetings in Lewes and Heathfield for a more detailed exchange of views.  You have to sign up if you want to go.  You can do this here  The sign up form is annoying.  You are asked for your organisation, even though we are told individuals can come and a job title.




Train fares have gone up.  Here are some new prices (all without railcard discount)
Lewes- Victoria super off peak day return  £17.80
Lewes- Victoria  normal off peak day return  £28.30
Lewes super off peak travelcard to London £23.30
Lewes normal off peak travelcard to London £32.30
Lewes to London any time day return £49.80*
Lewes to Aldershot via Clapham Junction any time day return £27.60
Lewes to Brighton off peak day return £4.90
Lewes to Brighton any time day return £8.40
Lewes to Eastbourne off peak day return £7.80
Lewes to Eastbourne any time day return £12
Lewes to Seaford off peak day return £3.40
Lewes to Seaford any time day return £4.90
Lewes to London Victoria monthly season £390.60
Lewes to London Bridge monthly season £423.20
Lewes to London travelzone monthly season £498.60
Lewes to London Victoria Annual season £4068
Lewes to London Bridge Annual season £4408
Lewes to London travelzone annual season £5196
*A return to Aldershot is cheaper and will take you as far as Clapham Junction.  By the time you get to Clapham it may no longer be peak time.  You can buy tickets from Clapham Junction on line or at Lewes station.  Alternatively you can buy a peak daysave ticket in advance for £36.50
There does not seem to be any increase on day save tickets, but sometimes they are increased later in January.
Don’t forget that you cannot travel north of London Bridge except on underground trains for the next 3 years.  Trains to Blackfriars and St Pancras are taking a different route and are taking about 15 minutes longer than before.



Southern Railway says that the new pocket timetables for the service from January 5th are now available at staffed stations. Southern says you can download the new timetables here.