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TRAVELMAN SAYS  “The fight to save bus services begins!”


Lewes Stop the Cuts has launched the “Love your bus campaign” to oppose the bus cuts in Lewes and Sussex

The campaign is planning a number of events over the summer including a public meeting on Sept 11th Westgate Meeting House, the bottlneck Lewes 7 – 8pm. Email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

to sign up for the campaign and to be sent details of future events.

Meanwhile here are other things that you can do:

  • Tell everyone who you know who might be affected anywhere in East Sussex
  • Raise the issue at any organisation or community group you are part of.
  • Phone East Sussex County Council on 0345 60 80 194 to find out exactly how you will be affected. (Alternatively you can read the rather long document here) Ask them how you can take part in the consultation that started on 7th July. and ends in September. They can send you a form, or you can pick one up in libraries and on some buses or you can fill it in on line here
  • Tell your county council member that you want them to oppose the cuts at every opportunity.
  • Contact local papers and radio stations to tell them how you will be affected. The address of the Sussex Express is Sussex Express, Springfield House, Springfield Road, Horsham RH12 2RG. You can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a recap of the cuts see here


The council has launched a consultation because they have to, otherwise the cuts could be ruled illegal. Much of the information is stuff that they have already asked for in their earlier surveys and there is no encouragement to say why the cuts are a bad thing in other than a personal sense.

The only new thing is that they confirm that the fare increases will be 30% rather than up to 30%. They ask you what you think about that. I don’t think you need me to prompt your answers.

But that does not mean that you should say more general things. There are a number of open ended questions that you can use to make any point you think is relevant. You might say to the council

  • It could commit itself to not wasting money on road schemes
  • It could consider the environmental impact
  • It should look at the issues of social exclusion
  • It should look at the extra costs generated as side effects of the cuts.
  • It could actually publicise the bus services to ensure more people use them instead of keeping them secret.
  • It could generate more money from parking schemes and use this to pay for buses.
  • It could adopt the system used in London and being tried out in Newcastle, where companies have to tender to run the profitable and the unprofitable services as a package. At the moment the commercial companies trouser the profit on the profitable routes and the taxpayer subsidises the others. Under the alternative system the profitable routes help subsidise the loss making ones.


The material put out by the council is complicated and difficult to understand. You can find a summary of what his happening here. The council documents are here Travelman missed the fact that evening services between Lewes and Ringmer/Uckfield are due to be cut as well. There also may be some cuts to the 29 service in the evenings although it is not at all clear what they are.

Would it help if I gave up my bus pass?

No. The money for bus passes comes out of a different pot. If bus passes were abolished the government would just take the money away from councils and retain the cuts. In fact travelling with your bus pass helps keep services going because each time a journey is made using a bus pass money is paid out of the bus pass pot to whoever is providing the bus service- making the service more viable.


The new Discovery ticket is valid on the services of all the main bus operators in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Brighton & Hove and East Hampshire. I have not yet found a bus service that it is not valid on. The new ticket replaces the previous Explorer ticket in most counties. You can buy your ticket from the driver of any participating service and there are no time restrictions Buy the ticket on the bus. Prices. Individual tickets are £8.50 per adult and an outrageous £7 per child. Until 31st August 2014, you can get a family ticket for £12.50. A family is up to 5 people, with a minimum of one and a maximum of two adults, so prices may go up after then. Go now while there are still some bus services!

Explorer tickets still available

The existing Explorer Ticket will continue to be available within East Sussex for local travel within the county boundaries. If you are just travelling in this area it is better value, especially for children.

Adult Day Explorer - £6.30

Child Day Explorer - £3.15 (not available before 0845 on weekdays)

Family Day Explorer - £10.50 (up to two adults and three children travelling together)

You can’t buy explorer tickets on Brighton buses, but you can buy them on most other bus services.

The difference between the two tickets seems to come about because Stagecoach in Hastings and East Sussex County council think that £8.50 for an adult and £7 for a child is too much, but West Sussex and Hampshire Council, Stagecoach in the South Downs and most other bus operators think that £7 for a child (an increase of 100%) is just fine. Shame on them!




Here are selected prices from 2nd January (some old fares are given in brackets).

Lewes to Victoria
Advance tickets, no change in the price range, but there may be changes in how frequently the cheapest tickets are available.

Super off peak return £ 17.40 (16.90)
Off Peak return £27.70 (26.60) (above inflation increase)
Peak return £48.60 (46.70) (above inflation increase)

Travelcard to London
Super off peak  £22.80 (22.10)
Off peak £31.60 (30.40) (above inflation increase)

Lewes to Aldershot (use to get to Clapham Junction in peak periods- buy another ticket in advance from there to your destination)
Peak return  £24.80

Lewes to Brighton
Single  £4.10 (4.00)
Off peak return £4.80 (4.70)
Singles to London Road and Moulscomb are still more expensive than singles to Brighton.

Daysave off peak
£15 for the first adult (£14) £30 for two to four.

No change after recent big rises (£16.50 all line, £14.00 south of Gatwick only) but they do sometimes change these fares at different times.