Buses through Ringmer


Brighton, Lewes, Ringmer
On Saturday evenings buses go on to Uckfield from Ringmer
On Sundays buses go on to Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells from Ringmer 



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Lewes, Ringmer, Hailsham, Eastbourne


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Here are selected prices from 2nd January (some old fares are given in brackets).

Lewes to Victoria
Advance tickets, no change in the price range, but there may be changes in how frequently the cheapest tickets are available.

Super off peak return £ 17.40 (16.90)
Off Peak return £27.70 (26.60) (above inflation increase)
Peak return £48.60 (46.70) (above inflation increase)

Travelcard to London
Super off peak  £22.80 (22.10)
Off peak £31.60 (30.40) (above inflation increase)

Lewes to Aldershot (use to get to Clapham Junction in peak periods- buy another ticket in advance from there to your destination)
Peak return  £24.80

Lewes to Brighton
Single  £4.10 (4.00)
Off peak return £4.80 (4.70)
Singles to London Road and Moulscomb are still more expensive than singles to Brighton.

Daysave off peak
£15 for the first adult (£14) £30 for two to four.

No change after recent big rises (£16.50 all line, £14.00 south of Gatwick only) but they do sometimes change these fares at different times.